Client Dress Code


  • Residents are allowed no more than seven (7) days of clothing, which will include casual wear and work clothes.
  • Residents are allowed two (2) jackets/coats.
  • Residents are allowed no more than three (3) pairs of shoes, which will include shower shoes, tennis shoes, and work shoes.
  • Residents are not allowed short shorts, excessively baggy pants, sexually suggestive clothing, clothing depicting inappropriate graphic (i.e. Skulls, alcohol, drugs, colors – gang affiliation etc.) or sleeveless shirts of any type, tank tops, crop tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts etc., except to be worn as under clothing.
  • NO SAGGING – Pants or shorts may not be more than one size larger than the natural waist line. Pants or shorts must remain at hip level.
  • Residents will not wear shower shoes except when going directly to or from the shower.
  • Open toed shoes (sandals, flip flops etc.) are not allowed.